TEDxBreda – September 20, 2012

Thursday September 20th I will do my first ever TED talk. The TEDxBreda event is themed “Remix Your Reflex”, which means: “[Being] in the moment, open and curious to as what the world has to offer. We often feel the awkwardness of the underlying assumptions with which we view the world. What if we get rid of our customary viewpoints and start looking at things in a different way?”. Speakers include Erik Kessels, Petra Stienen and many others.

My talk is called “The Winner Takes All” and the rapid rise of games, politicians and online platforms. I will argue that today, if you win, you win big very fast. Unpacking these success stories reveals several fascinating economic, social, cultural properties. At the same time there is a significant downside of a world of only winners. Monopolies seem to become the norm and the ability to generate a disproportionate amount of attention and revenue has significant consequences in terms of diversity.

Location: Mezz, Breda.
Inivation only.

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