Speeljetoekomst.nu live!

For a year I have been involved with Flight 1337, a promising Amsterdam-based engagement agency, as a co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer. My tenure is over and I will move on to other projects.

One of the most ambitious projects we did at Flight 1337 was the game-design for Speeltjetoekomst.nu: a financial planning tool about pensions that tries to be anything but a financial planning tool, but an engaging, brief experience that teaches you in a couple of minutes some facts and figures about your pension. I’m very proud that the redesigned website is live and working. One of my contributions has been to implement a reward related to World Alzheimers Day. So if you play, Aegon will donate 1 euro to the VU Medical Center to support research into Alzheimers! So go play with your future and let me know what you think!

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