BREAKING: Post-doc position at University of Amsterdam



It’s official and it’s incredibly good news. Last year I put in a grant proposal at NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) as part of the “Topsectoren” policy framework. There were 96 applications, 16 projects were awarded funding (total 7.7M), many of which are game related. See the press release here.

What does this mean?
Starting this Summer, I will have a fulltime post-doc research position at the University of Amsterdam for (at least) 3 years.

What is the project about?
The project is tentatively titled: “App Economics: The organization and monetization of networked gaming”. The ambition of the project is to combine the inquiring perspectives of the entrepreneur with that of the academic asking: What are the determining factors of hit games on mobile platforms? So it’s an inquiry into mobile game platforms and creative clusters in the Netherlands, the US and Asia.

Any key words?
Sure: Mobile game platforms, apps, hits, political economy, game studies, business innovation

Who is part of the project?
An important element of the Topsectoren framework in building a interdisciplinary team of academics and industry professionals. The project is supported by the University of Amsterdam via my esteemed colleagues prof. dr. Van Dijck and prof. dr. De Kloet. My academic partners are MIT and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I will visit both institutions to do fieldwork in Boston and Hong Kong. My industry partners are PWC, Paladin Studios, Dutch Game Garden and Pool Worldwide.

Now what?
This Summer I will wrap up some old projects and visit Hong Kong and Seoul. My goal is to keep working as a game journalist and do a select number of talks and consultancy projects. I look forward to this next step and be a fulltime academic again.

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