Two columns on Google & KLM advergame


Time for some game columns I wrote for I wrote over the Summer. The first discusses what Google’s core business, search, could bring to the table when it comes to games and app stores. Given that there are rumors about a Google game console or some sort of dedicated TV device, if wonder what Google can do in terms of game discovery. Especially given the abundance of games in Google’s Play marketplace. How to find those little gems? How to rate them? Etc.

Bouw een spelcomputer waarop je makkelijk games kunt vinden. Niet de meest verkochte, maar precies die game waarvan je niet wist dat je hem zocht.

Download column on Google (.pdf)

The second column discusses KLM’s advergame Aviation Empire. While the game itself is not perfect, I had a few nights of fun with this branded aviation sim. The design is smart as it does make the point (via its core mechanism) how difficult it is to run an airline. And not unimportantly, along the way the game illustrates KLM’s rich history in aviation. In my column I relate the game to Ian Bogost’s notion of “procedural rhetoric“.

Aviation Empire is een mooi voorbeeld van wat de Amerikaanse speltheoreticus Ian Bogost ‘procedurele retorica’ noemt. Niet enkel door tekst of beelden maar door interactie met spelmechanieken en spelregels ontvouwt zich een argumentatie.

Download column on Aviation Empire (.pdf)

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