Radio & TV interview on Dutch game industry


The New York Times published a very good piece on the state of the game console segment, specifically focusing on Battlefield 4 and the Swedish studio DICE. I’ve been to DICE several times for research and it’s great to see such an exhaustive and insightful article on both the studio, Sweden and the state of console blockbusters. As you might know, my PhD discussed the political economy of the blockbuster video game.

The NYT article was a reason to do an interview for NOS on the status of the game industry here in the Netherlands. Together with the guys from the Dutch studio Ronimo Games, I was interviewed for both TV and Radio.

Here is the article and video “Gamewereld verandert: minder shooters, meer kleintjes“.

De gamewereld is aan het veranderen. Bij Blockbusters als GTA V of Battlefield gaat het al jaren om miljardenbedragen. Maar dat is niet meer de enige manier waarop spelletjesmakers steenrijk kunnen worden. Vooral in de markt voor kleinere online games liggen veel kansen voor de makers.

And here’s the link to the radio/audio.

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