Three Red Dot Awards for!


A year ago I posted here about the relaunch of ( The website is a free educational tool by Aegon that teaches (Dutch) users about their financial future and pension in a playful manner. Aegon does not collect or use personal data for to approach users nor for marketing or PR purposes.

I was intimately involved with the game (or if you will gamification) design of the Speeljetoekomst website. Earlier this year the project was nominated for two (Dutch) SpinAwards. Last week the project won two prestigious Red Dot Awards, one in the “Online Communication” category, one for “Interface Design”, out of 6800 projects. And as icing on the cake the project also won a Grand Prix award!

This is what the jury said:

The online platform manages to tell stories by following a highly interesting approach. Thanks to its interactive features, it allows users to change the story and thus decide on the best personal solution. By making optimal use of the digital medium, the complex topic is visualised in a clear and easy-to-understand manner and thus becomes more transparent.

The project was created with several partners (visual design by Momkai, concept THEY & Momkai, calculations EPG, character animation by Comic House) but having been part of the team creating the game-design and overall user & engagement design, I am very proud of the project and the prizes we won! Today over 300.000 people “played” and got a better sense about pensions, so check it out yourself.



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