Articles and appearances in november and december


Th last months of 2013 were somewhat busy, so here’s a belated roundup of my last articles for NRC Handelsblad and I did some media appearances as well and those are included below.

– “Gratis Games: Kijken, kijken, maar niet kopen“. In: 26 november 2013, p16-17.

As part of my ongoing postdoc project on the political economy of mobile games I wrote a feature article on the sale of virtual goods. In a way it’s an extension of the argument I offer in my PhD research. For the research I draw on data from a PWC report titled “Gaming in the Netherlands: Virtual goods in video games: A business model with prospects” (free download).

– “Elk spel beduidt iets, zei Johan Huizinga al“. In: NRC Handelsblad. 2 december 2013, pC8.

It has always been a goal of me (and my colleagues Niels ‘t Hooft and Arjan Terpstra) to have a weekly column on games in The Dutch quality newspaper. It took me eight years. Starting with blogging, then on to a free newspaper, via to NRC Handelsblad. I had the honor to write the opening piece, name checking the patron saint of game studies, Johan Huizinga. The column will run every Monday and is a three person production.

– “Wie kijkt er mee in de huiskamer?“. In: NRC Handelsblad. 12 december, pC16.

Early 2008, February 29 to be precise, Arjan Terpstra and I wrote a front page article titled “De CIA jaagt nu op gamers” for Dagblad De Pers. Five years later the Snowden files offered us a chance to reprise that article and offer some more insights on the role of the US intelligence services activities in games and virtual worlds. The articles was reprinted in

The story got traction and I did a live interview for NOS Radio 1 “NSA infiltreert in online spellen als World of Warcraft“.

That same afternoon the crew of NOS op 3 visited me for a TV interview. Here’s the opening of December 9’s newscast which opens with my take on the NSA’s activities.

– “Apple geeft Utrechtse gamemaker Vlambeer een kerstcadeautje“. In: NRC Handelsblad. 23 december 2013, pC9.

The second edition of the weekly NRC game column deals with the Dutch indie duo Vlambeer and their unstoppable rise to fame. The article expands a bit on the role of App Stores and the role of platform providers like Apple with regards to marketing and featuring. Earlier this year I wrote about Vlambeer’s runaway hit Ridiculous Fishing as well.




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