Longread on Dutch game veteran Arjan Brussee for Bright


Together with partner-in-gamejournalism-crime Niels ‘t Hooft I interviewed Arjan Brussee last March in San Francisco. It was a beautiful day during the Game Developers Conference and talking to Arjan has been a dream of both Niels and me for ages. We have been talking a while about doing a profile of one of the few true game veterans in the Netherlands. Brussee has so much to say about the history of the Dutch game industry and his new adventures are equally interesting. For the online mag Bright Ideas we wrote a longread, which covers a lot of ground. A must-read (in all modesty 😉 for ya’ll gamers.

De Nederlandse gameveteraan Arjan Brussee komt full-circle in de VS: hij begon er ooit met Jazz Jackrabbit, maakte aan de Amsterdamse Herengracht de Killzone-serie en werkt nu in de VS met mede-veteraan Cliff Bleszinski aan het nieuwe BlueStreak.

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