TV appearance and articles on Destiny


One of my PhD‘s key conclusions (which focuses on the economics of Triple-A console games) is the rise of what I call the “├╝ber blockbuster”. I argue: “These mega properties not only signal significant financial investments in terms of production, they receive a disproportionate amount of attention and investments of developers, publishers, retailers, consumers and critics. Super hits like [the Call of Duty franchise], figuratively speaking, suck the oxygen out of the air and are slowly but steady becoming the be all and end all of console based interactive entertainment.” The recent release of the first person shooter Destiny is exactly that, a mega release in every respect (attention and investments in marketing and development). I wrote about the release for NRC:

Download NRC article on Destiny (.pdf)

That same week I was interviewed by NOSop3. See the clip below or the associated article here:

And not to be outdone, I gave some comments for a piece by the southern Dutch newspaper BN de Stem.

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