Interviews in Volkskrant & De Telegraaf


The last month I did two brief newspaper interviews on games.

The article for De Telegraaf is titled “‘Extremistische game is digitale cartoon'” (Extremist game is digital cartoon) is based on the observation that there are racist clans active in the free-to-play game Clash of Clans. This begs the question to how pervasive racism is among game designers, or if there’s an increase in racist games. In the interview I argue: Yes, there is a democratization of game design (tools) and it is easy to design and distribute games that might be offensive. Similar to scribbling a simple cartoon on a napkin. That is to say, many racist or offensive games are very simplistic in both their rethoric and design. This might have to do with the challenge of getting a group of game designers together who are both willing to commit their free time to such a project and, not unimportant, are not complete idiots.

”De games zijn zo simpel omdat het maken van een echt goed spel veel tijd en moeite vereist. Enige zelfreflectie is hierbij cruciaal, iets waar mensen met dergelijke simplistische ideologieën niet echt bekend om staan”

Article in De Telegraaf

The second article is for De Volkskrant and deals with the forecasting potential of (war)games. I talk about newsgames, among other things.

Article in De Volkskrant

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