2014 wrap-up


First of all, all the best for 2015. As you can see, the last couple of months have been a mixed blessing. As we speak I’m recovering from a hernia inguinalis surgery which was planned over a year ago (long story…). So for me 2014 ended on December 1. It was a great year. Spend most of the time at MIT in Boston, and worked on a couple of (academic) papers. Planning for next year is to continue writing academic papers, so expect journalism to dwindle down a little bit. And I’ll do some traveling to Boston and Hong Kong as well as Germany and beyond!

Below I have a summary of random projects, interviews and publications from the last couple of weeks.

I did a 2014 wrap-up interview with NOSop 3 talking mostly about #gamergate and the lack of truly inspiring games in 2014.

NOSop3 article

Earlier this year the Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 mei asked me to write a pop-sci report on the use of social media for celebrating and the remembrance of World War Two. The report summarizes some of the academic research on social media and can be downloaded for free below. The 50+ page report is titled “#Herdenken #Vieren en #Herinneren in het digitale tijdperk” and also offers an extensive executive summary if you’re pressed for time.

Download report (.pdf)

Earlier this year I visited Finland with fellow journalist Niels ‘t Hooft. We wrote an article for NRC Handelsblad on the current state of the Finnish game industry which was published early December. The article was titled “Er was Angry Birds – en toen kwam de rest”.

Download article (.pdf)

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