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Earlier this month I was interviewed by biggest Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf on the serious segment of the Dutch game industry. The article is called “Groeiversnelling ’serious games’” and was published on January 28. The Rotterdam-based studio Ranj Serious Games was acquired. Note that mergers & acquisitions are somewhat rare in the Dutch industry. In the article I give a brief comment about the scalability of the business-to-business model serious game studios struggle with.

„Het moet nu gebeuren. Anders gaan Amerikaanse, Duitse of Britse bedrijven deze markt veroveren.” De kunst is een generieke tool te maken, een kern van een game die met kleine aanpassingen in meerdere bedrijfstakken en landen valt te licenseren.

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More recently for the February 28 Saturday newspaper I was asked by De Telegraaf’s tech editor to list my favorite tools and apps. So you know: I love Workflowy for drafting articles and Pocket for gathering articles. I play a lot of free-to-play games for my current research project, at this point mostly SimCity BuildIt, which, I have to say, I’m very ambivalent about.

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