Interviews for NRCq and NOS


Last weeks I did three interviews on games.

First, an interview for NRCq, NRC’s new business focused online platform. The article gives a primer on public game companies, particularly Zynga and King. I’ve followed these stocks, and many others in the game industry, closely for a couple of years now so it was an interesting conversation. The article is titled: “Waarom Candy Crush, Farmville en de beurs elkaar niet liggen”.

Maar je moet één ding niet vergeten. Zowel Zynga als King beschikken over een enorm kapitaal.

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The second interview is on the state of the Dutch game industry: “‘We bouwen de mooiste games, maar het moet zakelijker”. The article follows the news that the Dutch Game Garden opened their third office in beautiful Breda. The articles touches upon an issue that has been top-of-mind for me (and many others) regarding the competitiveness of Dutch studios. Compared to, dare I say, Finnish studios Dutch studios seem less able to “monetize”. It’s hard to qualify the depth of this issue as good, solid financial data on the Dutch industry is almost non-existent. Also, one could debate if this truly is an issue. Should game companies grow (exponentially) in order for the industry to be sustainable? A question that I will surely revisit the coming years.

Zakelijk gezien lopen we erg achter. De gamestudio’s zijn erg creatief in het maken van spellen, maar de omzet groeit niet hard genoeg en de winst houdt niet over.

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Article #3 is a very brief comment on the news that there’s a new Dutch game start-up in town. Or in ninja/stealth mode to be precise: “Nederlands ‘Utomik’ wil Spotify voor games worden”.

Het was te verwachten dat er op een gegeven moment een platform zou komen dat via een onbeperkt abonnement content aanbiedt.

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