Interviews by Emerce, Elsevier, New Scientist, EditieNL and NOS


October and November have been busy months with some nice interviews, profiles and comments about my research (past and present).

First off, I contributed to a rather large story on e-sports for Emerce’s October edition (Emerce is a monthly magazine on tech & marketing). The article is called “Esports gaat mainstream” and offers a very good introduction into the cultural and economic trends concerning esports. You can download the .pdf here.

“Hoewel het echt al zo’n tien jaar bestaat, opereert het nog steeds in een niche, al was het maar omdat de spellen vaak extreem complex zijn. Langzaam wordt het nu meer mainstream. Wat enorm helpt, is dat mobiele platforms er nu voor zorgen dat e-sports veel toegankelijker wordt.”

Then I did a brief interview for Elsevier Magazine on app advertising.

New Scientist, one of my favorite magazines, did a full page profile on my “cultural preferences”. Here’s a blurry image of the page, and here’s the text, part 1 and part 2. If you’re curious, what keeps me going is visiting greasy diners, listening to heavy metal, watching Netflix, and reading the New York Times.

The acquisition of King by Activision Blizzard was quite a decisive moment for my research, much more to say about that later, but for now you’ll have to do with this interview for

“Van die 350 miljoen mensen heeft King extreem veel data. Voor Activision is dat dus een hele grote groep mobiele gamers van de nieuwe generatie.”

Last but not least, I did a standup interview next to my Amsterdam office about a 9/11 VR simulator. The segment was televised by EditieNL and called ‘9/11 is geen spelletje’. You can watch the clip here.

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