Nominated as Person of the Year!


There’s a first for everything! Folia (the University of Amsterdam’s independent magazine) nominated me as one of the 10 (wo)men of the year. PhD-student Sicco de Knecht came in first for his role in the ReThink UvA movement, as were a number of other nominees. Among students, PhD students and university board members, I am the sole researcher who was nominated. I’m not gonna lie, I’m honored. Below is the laudatio in Dutch. If you’re curious, it translates into:

“Gamification and digital culture are the kind of research domains, similar to other domains in the humanities, that need a lot of explanation, and sometimes even justification. David Nieborg is very capable of explaining his research, as well as guiding and inspiring outsiders. Nieborg is a “uomo nuovo”-which comes with his research domain-but it’s particularly apparent in how he conducts himself. He is the embodiment of internationalization done right: as a postdoc at the Uni of Amsterdam, MIT and the Chinese University of Amsterdam he researches App Economics. His engagement serves as an example of modern science, smack in the middle of public discussions, far away from the ivory tower. At the same time he is sort of a public intellectual: building on his expertise he took part in the Obama campaigns and more recently he spoke out against the position of women in game culture. Apart from thorough scholarship he also finds time to write accessible articles and columns for NRC Handelsblad. And, of course, he has time to play games, he recently told Folia Magazine.”


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