Dutch games industry documentary appearance

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The Dutch Games Association together with CLICKNL|Games produced a 4-part documentary on the Dutch Games Industry. My contribution discusses the roles of academics in the Dutch ecosystem and I offer my perspective on the political economy of the industry. The documentary is in Dutch, BUT also subtitled, so if you’re interested in the state of the Dutch industry, go have a look. One small disclaimer, the documentary is (indirectly) paid for by the industry as part of an industry outreach program.

Here’s a summary: “Take a trip back in time to Guerrilla Games’s finest hour, when Hermen Hulst explains to you how they were the only ones to succeed at a live demo of Killzone at the official Playstation 4 presentation. Dive into Dutch applied gaming and research by joining Professor of Surgery of the Amsterdam Medical Centre Marlies Schijven when she envisions a gamified care system. Or simply agree with Vlambeer’s Rami Isma├»l on the fact that there is just nothing like games.”

There is an official trailer and you can watch the four parts (10-15mins for each part) on Youtube:
Part 1 | A closer look at the Dutch games industry
Part 2 | The Rise of entertainment games
Part 3 | Applied Games & Gamification
Part 4 | Research & Development

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