Assistant professor position at U of Toronto


That’s it… I am moving to Canada…!

But really! I am very happy and proud to announce that I have accepted a position as tenure track Assistant Professor Media Studies at the University of Toronto. My undergraduate home is the Department of Arts, Culture and Media (ACM) at UofT Scarborough and I’ll do my graduate research and teaching at UofT’s iSchool (Faculty of Information).

Needless to say, I am incredibly happy with my move to Toronto and build on the work I’ve done the last couple of years in Amsterdam, Boston and Hong Kong. My future research project(s) will revolve around “App Studies” and my goal is to dig deeper into the political economy of apps as well as working on a set of publications related to games journalism. Equally important, I’ll continue the work I have been doing with some great friends & colleagues in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Hong Kong, New York, Boston and all over Europe.

If you’re in the neighborhood, want to know more about my new position, research or teaching, do let me know!

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