Item on ‘free’ games for TV-show De Rekenkamer

One of the most fundamental parts of my research on apps focuses on the “free-to-play” business model for mobile games. In my paper on Candy Crush, for example, I argue that there is very little “free” about free-to-play games. The Dutch TV-show De Rekenkamer did an item on the deceivingly simple question: “What is the price of a free game”? De Rekenkamer is one of those shows with a consumer advocacy flavour and part of their investigation was an interview with Pokemon Go players and Stolen Couch Games (one of the few Dutch game studios developing free-to-play games). My role is to offer some academic insight into the business model and pull into focus questions on targeted advertising and why free games are indeed not free.

You can watch the clip on free games here and the full December 1 episode here. There are some surprising easter eggs (read: editing choices) in the clip, so check it out.

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