Academic book chapter on the European game industry

For the Palgrave series Global Media Policy and Business a new edited volume has come out edited by colleague, friend and best-dressed-Professor-everrr Anthony Fung from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The book is titled Global Game Industries and Cultural Policy and covers four themes (1) Creative Industries and Cultural Policy, (2) Regional Game Industries, (3) Mobile Play, and (4) Online Games. Together with University of Amsterdam’s Jeroen de Kloet I wrote a chapter on the state of the European game industry, asking the simple but hard to crack question: is there such a thing as a European industry? (Spoiler alert: no).

Here is the full reference: Nieborg, David B. & Jeroen de Kloet. (2016). “A Patchwork of Potential: A Survey of the European Game Industry”. In Global Game Industries and Cultural Policy, edited by Anthony Fung. London: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 201-226.

If you’re interested in game industry research, I highly recommend exploring the other chapters, there are some gems in there! If you’re on a university network, chances are you have free access to the full book following this link. Alternatively, you can download the PDF of our chapter here.

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