Article on platformization for New Media & Society

Together with Thomas Poell I worked on an article for New Media & Society on the relationship between digital platforms and cultural production. The article aims to do two things: 1) bring together three bodies of literature, and 2) analyse two modes of cultural production (games & journalism) based on these three bodies of work.

Here’s the reference: Nieborg, D B and Poell, T (2018) The platformization of cultural production: Theorizing the contingent cultural commodity. New Media & Society (Online first):

Here’s the abstract: “This article explores how the political economy of the cultural industries changes through platformization: the penetration of economic and infrastructural extensions of online platforms into the web, affecting the production, distribution, and circulation of cultural content. It pursues this investigation in critical dialogue with current research in business studies, political economy, and software studies. Focusing on the production of news and games, the analysis shows that in economic terms platformization entails the replacement of two-sided market structures with complex multisided platform configurations, dominated by big platform corporations. Cultural content producers have to continuously grapple with seemingly serendipitous changes in platform governance, ranging from content curation to pricing strategies. Simultaneously, these producers are enticed by new platform services and infrastructural changes. In the process, cultural commodities become fundamentally “contingent,” that is increasingly modular in design and continuously reworked and repackaged, informed by datafied user feedback.”

If you want a digital copy, please do send me an email and I would be happy to send one.

This paper ties into a Call for Papers on this subject for Social Media + Society that I’ll be guest editing together with Thomas Poell and Brooke Duffy. The deadline is May 15, 2018.

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