Overview article on the Platformisation concept

The open access journal Internet Policy Review started a new series of invited peer-reviewed articles that interogate ‘Concepts of the digital society,’ guest-edited by Christian Katzenbach and Thomas Christian Bächle. We contributed an article to its inaugural edition on ‘Platformisation’.

Reference: Poell, Thomas, David B. Nieborg & José van Dijck. Platformisation. Internet Policy Review. 8(4). doi:10.14763/2019.4.1425 (PDF).

Abstract: This article contextualises, defines, and operationalises the concept of platformisation. Drawing insights from different scholarly perspectives on platforms—software studies, critical political economy, business studies, and cultural studies—it develops a comprehensive approach to this process. Platformisation is defined as the penetration of infrastructures, economic processes and governmental frameworks of digital platforms in different economic sectors and spheres of life, as well as the reorganisation of cultural practices and imaginations around these platforms. Using app stores as an example, we show how this definition can be employed in research.

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