NRC articles on Twitch, E3 and a game on slavery

Below are the three most recent NRC articles from May, June and July. I wrote while working at MIT’s Game Lab, which might have influenced the choice of subject matter (I did), as…

NRC articles on King, Amazon and data driven design

Below are the three most recent NRC articles from February, March and April discussing topical issues such as Amazon’s plans for developing and distributing games, King’s IPO, and the pro’s and con’s of…

NRC article on streaming of games

  The announcement by Sony of Playstation Now, a to be rolled out game streaming service, lead to a flurry of speculation. And, two articles by yours truly on the ins and outs…

16-page dossier on games for the New Scientist

Last year fellow game-journalist Niels ‘t Hooft and I worked on a series of articles on games, the Dutch game industry, game development, and game studies for a dossier in the New Scientist….

Articles and appearances in november and december

Th last months of 2013 were somewhat busy, so here’s a belated roundup of my last articles for NRC Handelsblad and I did some media appearances as well and those are included…

Op-ed on GTA5 for the New Scientist

The Dutch edition of the New Scientist asked me to write an op-ed for their November edition about the recent discussion surrounding Grand Theft Auto 5. The opinion piece became a synthesis of… column on freemium games

Behold, my last column for It will be my last for, sadly. But, the good news is that my game column will return to NRC Handelsblad, but longer and more bad-ass….

Article for inGovernment on data driven campaigning

For inGovernment’s september issue I wrote an editorial about data-driven campaigning. InGovernment is an ICT & government focused Dutch outlet, you can get a free subscription here. My article discusses the use of… article on player trading

They don’t call themselves “player realtors”, but that is essentially what they do. Companies like Chartboost are in the business of moving mobile game players around. Via advertising technology in mobile games, e.g….

Grand Theft Auto 5 related coverage

  In my PhD I called Grand Theft Auto IV an uber-blockbuster. Or better yet, an uber-Triple-A-game. As is GTA5. The hype, the launch, and of course the game itself is massive in…

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