Journalism article on the Dr. Panda game series

As part of my recently started 3 year postdoc project I am interviewing mobile game developers all over the world. A Dutch entrepreneur I wanted to interview for a long time is Thijs… column on the Xbox and the NSA

Those who have been following the news about the NSA leaks know that Microsoft has been involved with the NSA in multiple ways. While the details of this cooperation might forever been unknown,… column on (a)social games

While social network (i.e. Facebook) games are played quite a bit, they rarely seem to be subject of sustained debate either among critics, (Dutch) developers or academics. One of the intriguing questions regarding…

An in-depth look at Candy Crush

After some trepidation I decided to pick up Candy Crush Saga this Summer. My goal was to understand not only its success but also how its business model (the freemium/free2play/microtransaction) was implemented. The…

Two columns on Google & KLM advergame

Time for some game columns I wrote for I wrote over the Summer. The first discusses what Google’s core business, search, could bring to the table when it comes to games and… column on the decline of MMOGs

While visiting Hong Kong earlier this month I had the great pleasure to discuss MMOGs with prof. Bartle; the godfather (of sorts) of the Massively Multiplayer Online genre. He takes a somewhat dim… article on Ouya

Sometimes doing research (and journalism) means taking the long view. Last August I “backed” the new Ouya game console on Kickstarter. First of all to see if it can be done, launching a… column on gaming in South Korea

Last couple of weeks were rather epic (or wicked awesome or superduper, or… well you get the point). Next to hanging out in Hong Kong, I travelled to one of my favorite countries,… column on World of Classcraft

It’s one of those ideas many teachers/lecturers have when they play World of Warcraft. To translate the level of engagement of questing and playing hours and hours on end to the class room…. column on the direction of the Dutch game industry

The Dutch game industry is doing quite well, but at the same time it is a very diverse ecosystem with small and big studios developing all kinds of games (as well as offering…

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