column on health insurer Menzis & gamification

Health insurance company Menzis did something I quite liked, they not only openly urge people to be more conscious about their health, but do other minor tasks as well. There is a whole ethic and moral debate one could (or indeed should) have about the limits of insurance companies in favoring healthy clients over the more unfortunate ones, but the actual implementation of the gamified Menzis campaign “SamenGezond” is not that bad. It’s transparant and offers a decent range of attainable and doable actions for consumers to save points and engage more with the Menzis brand. So that’s why I wrote a column about it.

En toen kwam zorgverzekeraar Menzis met haar SamenGezond spaarprogramma op de proppen. Het eerste wat ik dacht: Hè hè, eindelijk!

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