Stories on the US elections (part 1)

The last two weeks I’ve been on the road quite a bit to visit crucial swing states on the East Coast. Starting in my “second hometown” Boston to visit the always exciting Harvard Kennedy School of Government, the trip went through New Hampshire, Maine, New York, Ohio, and Virginia. Here are a number of stories in Dutch from the road focusing on the 2012 US elections on

– My first Robocall
Waar is de rally? Daar is de rally! – (A longer story on a Obama & a Romney rally)
Toekomstige president op Harvard (radio!) – (A radio report on Harvard delivering presidents)
– Obama de Keniaan – A brief story on how people in New Hampshire think about Obama
Het hoofdkwartier – A story on campaign headquarters
– Debate Watching Party (storyradio report) – Two stories on the first debate

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