On TV to promote my book chapter on winning


There is this wonderful book series by the EDGE foundation. Every year they ask “thinkers” (academics, journalists, artists etc) to all answer the same question. This year that question was: “What is your favorite deep, elegant or beautiful theory?”. (Original book title: This Explains Everything: Deep, Beautiful and Elegant Theories on How the World Works). Other 155 (!) authors include Evegeny Morozov, Clay Shirky, Richard Dawkins and many others. Quite honored to be part of such a brilliant group of people.

My chapter is on winning. Or to be more precise about network effects and the winner-takes-all-logic. As part of the book promotion I was a guest on VPRO’s Boeken together with Hans IJzerman and Stine Jensen, who also contributed to the Dutch version of the book. You can buy it here, the ebook is only 10€! Take a look at the show below or click here.



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