column on the Xbox and the NSA


Those who have been following the news about the NSA leaks know that Microsoft has been involved with the NSA in multiple ways. While the details of this cooperation might forever been unknown, the leaks by Edward Snowden suggest that Skype’s encryption has been circumvented (or opened up) by Microsoft, as well as other Microsoft services (e.g. email and Windows). This opens up the question of the role and status of the Xbox. The to-be-released Xbox One will have powerful surveillance tech, also known as the Kinect 2.0. Up until recently I would have been skeptical about Microsoft opening up the Xbox to the NSA, but considering the scale and scope of the NSA’s goals and power, who knows? This is the theme of my latest column.

Natuurlijk zegt Microsoft dat ze de Amerikaanse overheid niet zullen helpen. Maar wat gebeurt er na een volgende aanslag op Amerika?

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