Grand Theft Auto 5 related coverage



In my PhD I called Grand Theft Auto IV an uber-blockbuster. Or better yet, an uber-Triple-A-game. As is GTA5. The hype, the launch, and of course the game itself is massive in scope and scale. The Dutch news media noticed. I made a number of appearances on TV, radio and in newspapers. Below is an overview:

September 17 – RTL Late Night – Watch TV clip here

September 18 – Various interviews for newspapers, such as AD & Parool. AD ran a story titled “Supergame GTA V grijpt alle gamers bij de keel” on page 13.

September 22 – BNN op Zondag (Radio 1). Download interview (.mp3)

September 23Interview on

September 24My column is on GTA5. And I helped Niels ‘t Hooft with a GTA5 review for NRC Handelsblad.

There is so much more to say about GTA5 as well as the coverage on the game. Of all non-Dutch articles discussing the game itself I read until now I truly enjoyed Tom Bissell’s take as well as Leigh Alexander’s.

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