Op-ed on GTA5 for the New Scientist


The Dutch edition of the New Scientist asked me to write an op-ed for their November edition about the recent discussion surrounding Grand Theft Auto 5. The opinion piece became a synthesis of my earlier thinking on the game and its reception. I gleefully put on my academic thinkinghat (yes I have one of those) and argue that while GTA5 is indeed an important (pop) cultural marker, I do think the game and its audience, however big, still very much represent a niche. It would surprise me if Triple-A console games as they exist today will ever become experiences with a mass appeal (i.e. popular among all demographics). The op-ed is called “Racen, schieten, discussiĆ«ren” and you can find it on pages 72-73.

You can buy the magazine at your local bookstore, or take out a subscription here. I am not completely unbiased, but I do like the magazine a lot and recommend it; good writing and everything you expect from a pop-sci magazine!


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