NRC articles on King, Amazon and data driven design


Below are the three most recent NRC articles from February, March and April discussing topical issues such as Amazon’s plans for developing and distributing games, King’s IPO, and the pro’s and con’s of data driven design.

The most recent article deals with King’s new listing at the NYSE. For people like me (wearing my academic hat) an IPO is most of all a blessing as it forces companies to open up and write down in detail their financial status, their plans for the future as well as other valuable nuggets of information. If you’re looking for a critical take on King’s IPO, do read James Surowiecki’s article on the New Yorker. While I do not agree fully on King being a “one-hit-wonder company” – it’s too early to tell – his article does pinpoint one of the major issues of the political economy of mobile games. I’ll write about this much, much more the coming years.

Download article on King’s IPO (.pdf)

With great pleasure I read Brad Stone’s book “The Everything Store”. The book forced me to think some more about Amazon’s position within the game industry. Just days before the announcement of the Kindle Fire TV I wrote the column below on what Amazon’s entry into the game industry might mean.

Download article on Amazon (.pdf)

After reading Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and Kenneth Cukier’s excellent book on Big Data, I had some conversations with Dutch game designers about data driven game design. The column below offers my take on it.

Download article on design (.pdf)

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