Academic article on game journalism


As you might have noticed, it has been relatively quiet here. For the last couple of months I have been working on a number of academic projects. One of which is a research project together with the great Maxwell Foxman of Columbia University. Our first paper is for the open access Journal of Games Criticism. We looked at meta-criticism of game journalists, that is, how game journalists talked about and among themselves, and reflect on their craft.

This article is an exploratory study of critics’ role in developing the conception of gamer culture and the effect of that culture on their work and identity. Through historical research and textual analysis it claims that critics are ambivalent about their occupation and its place within the culture they helped shape.

There article is here online here. And if you prefer a PDF, we have that as well!

Here’s the full reference: Foxman, Maxwell & David B. Nieborg. 2016. Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Games Coverage and its Network of Ambivalences. Journal of Games Criticism. 1(3).

If you have any questions, comments or tips, do let us know. We will be working on more research on this topic so feedback is appreciated.

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